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The Best Guitar Lessons in Sycamore and DeKalb!

 No matter what your skill level, age or musical background, I will help YOU achieve your musical goals by giving you the results you want, the support you need and the personal attention you deserve.

Not your Typical Guitar Lessons


I don't just offer the best guitar lessons in Sycamore and DeKalb, I deliver the BEST and most EFFECTIVE guitar lessons that money can buy, ANYWHERE!

Your Questions

What you get with most Guitar Teachers

What you’ll get with me

How will you be able to help me?


 A typical teacher will ask you what bands or songs you like and then teach you those songs or just do traditional guitar lessons which are often boring and irrelevant to your situation and goals.

I will arrange a free introductory guitar lesson to determine your skill level and learning style. Then we’ll discuss your goals and how you want to proceed. This will help me form a plan and determine the best strategy for your needs and your goals. My Lessons are tailored to YOU with relevant content to help you reach your goals. I don't offer cookie cutter guitar lessons. My goal oriented approach is customized for you. I have multiple program options in a variety of formats to fit your needs.

What is your plan to help me get over my struggles and reach my goals?

Most teachers have no plan or strategy at all. They just ask what you want to learn and never work on solving problems that may be holding you back.

From the first lesson we will develop a short and long term plan to reach your goals. This will give a clear direction of where you want to go and how to get there. This will also be redefined over time as you grow as a musician. I will keep records of your playing to monitor your progress and use proven strategies to overcome your guitar playing challenges. You will get personal feedback on your guitar playing and progress.  If you do not know what your goals are, I will  help you brainstorm.

How are your lessons structured?

Normal guitar lessons come in two main types… The first is a cookie-cutter approach that completely ignores your individual skills, challenges, and interests. The other is where the teacher just makes it up as they go. Usually a lot of time is wasted in the lesson as the teacher hand-writes the material out for you.

I plan your lessons out in advance, so I already know what we will be covering before you even arrive. This is based on what your interests are, as well as what areas we need to improve. All the materials we use are already prepared, and will be printed out for you, and you will also get a backup copy of these materials by email.

Will you show me how and what to practice?

Normal teachers will only tell you to put more time into practicing without showing what or how to practice. This leads to inconsistent practicing habits and leads to a “make it up as you go” mentality.

You will be trained how to practice effectively, so you know exactly what to practice. This will help you save time and money by learning quickly and getting results faster. All materials are provided including backing tracks, videos, etc. You will also get fully personalized practice schedules to help you know exactly what to do.

How will you help me when I have problems or become frustrated?

In most guitar lessons, teachers tend to provide new “material” to do each week, even if you aren't ready for it. This is what leads to overwhelm and frustration.

I will train you in how to specifically practice new content, then we will go over how to actually apply it in a musical context, and integrate it with other skills. This will cause less frustration, and more overall enjoyment of music.

Do you travel to students or do they come to you?

A lot of teachers offer to travel because they don’t have a lot of students and need the experience or they don’t have a teaching studio.

I am a serious guitar teacher and want the best results for my students. If I spend all my time traveling I would not have time to invest into making sure my students get the best guitar lessons possible. I have students from all over Sycamore, DeKalb, Chicago, Rockford and surrounding areas who know the value is more than worth the short commute. My studio has a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of space, so you can feel great as you learn and get to play the way you’ve dreamed about. This also enables me to have workshops and jam sessions for students to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Do you have proof that your methods work?

Most teachers do not even know to teach and definitely never studied or been trained to teach guitar effectively. Most teachers (even the really good ones) also have a hard time actually proving their success.

I have had many successful students over the years. Plus, I’m in an ongoing guitar teaching program to ensure constant growth and improvement as a guitar teacher. Check out my student testimonials section where you can see what actual students have said about their lessons and results. You can even watch them play and perform.


I've helped hundreds of students over the years become skilled, smart and confident guitar players... And I CAN HELP YOU!




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I've helped hundreds of students become skilled, smart and confident guitar players, and I CAN HELP YOU!

  • All Ages
  • All Skill Levels
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons
  • One-on-One & Group Classes


“Taking lessons with Adam is definitely the fastest way to learn guitar. I’ve made a lot of progress in a matter of weeks. The lessons are well constructed, easy to understand and Adam is really good at explaining various concepts. I’ve already learned several songs as well as basic music theory. Adam has given me the tools I need to play better in the shortest time.”

–Clairese H, NIU Student

“I feel lucky that I was able to find someone that I think can assist me in reaching my goals. I've had problems with coordination between my right and left hands while playing leads.  Adam has already showed me some techniques within two weeks of meeting with him that I feel will assist with improvement. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, while still maintaining structure and staying on task. Adam certainly takes the time to learn who you are and what your goals are, and spends time outside of the lessons developing a plan of action that is specific to each student.” –Charles, 34, Hampshire

“Adam has a unique approach to teaching. I feel very comfortable with Adam. His passion for his craft is obvious. Something new is introduced each week which keeps the experience fresh but not a rate that outpaces my skills, ability or retention. Adam’s holistic approach allows the student to advance at a faster pace.” –Eldon, Sycamore 

“I’m new to playing guitar, but Adam has made this experience fun, positive and educational. I’ve already learned my first song as well as new chords and basic music theory.”

-Sam B, 16, Sycamore

“I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting from another instructor. Adam has helped motivate me and got me back on track. He’s totally changed my outlook and transformed my playing.” 

-Jake M, 15, DeKalb

“Adam helped me identify my weak areas and tailored a teaching strategy specifically for me and my musical goals. The gaps are being filled in and a solid creative and technical foundation is being laid. The results of our lessons and my practicing are clearly evident and gratifying each time I pick up the guitar.”

-Ryan, Sycamore

“I thought learning guitar was going to be really hard, but Adam makes it fun and easy to understand. Adam has shown me that there is so much more to playing guitar than just strumming chords. Adam is the best and most organized guitar teacher out there! Since working with Adam, I’ve learned how to play songs, write my own songs and learn music theory. If you want to learn guitar, pick Adam as your teacher! Playing guitar is the best feeling in the world.” –Jacob, 12, Rockford

“Adam has helped me identify my musical strengths and has implemented solutions to help me overcome me weaknesses. In just a few months, my guitar playing skills have improved ten-fold. I recommend Adam for anyone that wants to learn guitar or advance their musical skills.” Tony, Rockford

Unlike other guitar lessons out there, Adam’s lessons are very personalized and designed to meet my needs. I’ve even performed in the orchestra during the Spring Musical at DeKalb High School!” –Jason, DeKalb

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